Guachimontones is an archaeological site in Teuchitlán, Jalisco, México about 45 min. from Guadalajara. It was very interesting for me, because I didn’t know that besides all of our mayan, aztec, and all of the other indian cultures that are in our blood, there is another culture that is part of our ancestry. History is not specific in their rituals, actually, there isn’t even a name for them yet. They were indians that lived in the occidental part of our country (Jalisco, Nayarit, Colima) and had a similar culture as the mayans, but they didn’t build rectangular pyramids as we know it, such as Chichén Itzá, but they built circular ones, representing the sun. This culture lived in more than 3 states and anthropologists said that they might have been powerful and rich, but as it is a “new” culture that they discovered starting with this specific site, we still don’t know very much about them, but still, very interesting.

_DSC0035 _DSC0037 _DSC0061 _DSC0062 _DSC0065

It was a rainy and cloudy day, but if you go in the summer, the pictures you take will be amazing, the grass in every step or layer is green, and the pyramids look great.

IMG_4694 IMG_4695


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