Renaissance-Style Insect Drawings by Alex Konahin.

I found this interesting article. It’s amazing how artists can make simple shapes and objects turn into something incredibly eye-popping images. I first got a glimpse of this artist when I saw on Tumblr his heart drawing with this complicated and Baroque forms that gave the heart some kind of profound texture, that I just wanted to grab and squeeze. But less talking and more viewing. Be careful not to drop you eyes; I leave you these AMAZING drawing by artist Alex Konahin.

6647a88358becbc7852716cafb634911 7403838d0b7df3a1fa2c161cb768831f 7503218ad0d0a10fa55a5de1a033aa12 b7bf1b01731e33a8b54aeebe1ba50a0b baf2e602f07aebf8afb1c50d1498f465 c6c2f24fb4b58fe9875e9d837920f092 c36ae4175fc08e41874acf87e45fe056 db6db557e445a73fe8d76b7c51f6bca8 dfb424809aa4ad44847758e0ebf79a8d e721d0fdedb4c3e6513c9310c9d02b44

all the drawing shown in this post are by artist Alex Konahin.

I found this article in: Bored Panda.


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