Italy left me restless.

It’s been 2 years since I took one of the most amazing trips of my life. Nothing like a backpack with 3 outfits for 11 days, shitty hostels and friendly people, stomachaches for eating too much pasta, people screaming on the streets, aggressive vespas and beautiful architecture, everything you ever heard about Italy but better, much more pasta, much more history. Me and three friends went to Italy expecting adventure and we got it, from not having any towels to not getting to Positano the day that we were supposed to, but saved by 2 ladies and 1 girl who luckily had four spare tickets to get there, and the next day took the most beautiful bus ride to the Amalfi coast and arrived to this town, mystical and fancy at the same time, kind of a 50’s feeling but with the Hollywood glamour.

This trip will always be in our memories, for the rest of our lives, and our friendship will always be standing on top of a possible return and on memories that combine gelato and the smell of vodka at the hostel’s reception.

I made this booklet describing our trip. All the photographs and writing by be. Enjoy.


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