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all photos by iscardi, 2013.

Last weekend we hit the road and went to Santa Barbara county, I really liked Santa Barbara but I fell in love with Solvang, we arrived there at about 10 am, it was freezing for me, but we went into a really small diner and had breakfast (nothing especial), and then, the sun came out and we got to walked around town for a bit, later we rented a tandem bike (if you go to Solvang you should do it), you really get to see the whole town and it costs about $25 1 hour. Also, we had our Santa Barbara wine tasting at the Lions Peak store and chose the white wines, I enjoyed them, except the dessert wine, too sweet for me! (it felt really Sideways, actually, the sales of pinot noir went up that year and they called it the “Sideways effect”). Its a really interesting, fun and beautiful way to spend the day, so if you are thinking of going to Solvang, do it, it is worth the dizzy drive.


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