Pattern Girl.

I present to you: Natalia Tyulkina, a based Moscow illustrator that caught my eye while I was wandering about in Behance. I find her patterns delicious and kitsch (cool kitsch, oh yes, there is a kind of cool kitsch) but also, delicate and artistic. She uses watercolor to draw and then construct come terrific, eye catching patterns.

You can find her work in: Tumblr, Behance, or her webpage.

Enjoy and try not to make this patterns into your new cute living room wallpaper.


4cb2d3f027a6ec7394a814ba8afbdd2e 6a8a39f815afd9bb1c69261eb25588e6 35e926365c127926e8ce7e71825629a1 5497ae62e02c52a8d031c957396f85e1 016500ace55f903fb39a28f2638e3dfb d6ec387c93e738904103773d0b32f392


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