Liliana Porter. El hombre con el hacha y otras situaciones breves. At MAZ Museum, Guadalajara, México.

An installation with many stories to tell.

IMG_8939 IMG_8941 IMG_8942 IMG_8943

Here’s a video on how she prepares the installation.


Exotic fruit.

I enjoyed a beautiful day at Lake Chapala last sunday. On our way back, I saw fruit stands with cherries, litchis and fruit of the dragon. Fruits are always beautiful. Here are some photos and a little video where I tried to show their size, color and texture.

_DSC0004 _DSC0014 copy _DSC0016 _DSC0028 _DSC0045 _DSC0049 _DSC0053

Take me back to San Francisco.

Wind and eclectic shops. That’s all that I could remember about San Francisco. 8 years had passed since I stepped foot on the city and I was really excited to find out what had changed in those years. Only to find that it was all the same. Same cafés, shops and restaurants. Same windy days. I love it. That’s what I love about traveling: you can change throughout the years but the cities remain the same.

We did all the touristy things in San Francisco, including a painful bike ride through the Golden Gate, but my favorite part was visiting The Castro, which, even though there was a lot of construction going on, the atmosphere there is different, relaxed. And the best restaurant that we visited was Marnee Thai, best – thai – food – ever.




















credit: all photographs, iscardi, 2014.


We can’t walk on the sidewalks – Complaints of a 24 year old Mexican girl.

Shit- I’m out of milk. I take off my pijamas, put on my clothes – wait, not tiny shorts, even though it’s extremely hot outside, yeah, tiny shorts and a tank top, wait no, that’ll attract some viewers, just go with your PJ’s – ok.

As I walk a few blocks down the street I hear a whistle, I turn around, of course: a coward driving around, intimidating girls. But that’s normal, in Mexico, macho poses that scare girls, it’s an everyday burden. Just don’t turn around, don’t listen to them, just like my mom use to say. No fucking way. I’m sick of them. I live in a beautiful city; I’d like to go to the park, take the bus to work without anyone grabbing my ass. Why do we keep thinking it’s “normal” for men to intimidate and harass girls on their way to school, the market, or just walking around? Do you think it’s fair? What do you do about it?

My dad always said that someday I will get attacked by a crazy man because I always defend myself. “They want you to get angry, that’s why they provoke you”. But I just give them a sassy look and they always look surprised. They are not use to be confronted by girls. Do not get scared, don’t get intimidated, because that’s what they want. What does my dad want me to do? Walk around scared like most girls? Walk faster and look behind you, both sides, make sure no one is following you.

As one of my best friends was walking from the bus stop to her house, a guy in a car asked her or directions, as she was explaining which way he should go, he pulled out his dick and started masturbating. She ran away disgusted and angry. She felt impotent. What could she do? Now, she just doesn’t listen to anyone on the street and puts her earphones as loud as she can. Another friend of mine was walking to school,  when a guy on his bike grabbed her ass, her fake ass thank God, she used her fake butt underwear that day.

These stories happen again and again to a numerous amount of women and girls.

I love walking, but I seriously feel really uncomfortable. It’s unfair.

I was an exchange student in England for 6 months. I never took the bus, I just walked. I felt free. No one looked at me uncomfortably, no one cared about what I would wear. Beautiful. But in Mexico, I prefer to drive.

It’s the same as when people justify a rape by saying “you were raped because you wore a short skirt”. If I want to go out on my short skirt, shorts or undies, I can, I should. Girls, defend yourselves. I’m not saying, give them the finger or start a fight with them, but don’t be scared, don’t let them intimidate you. Go and buy some milk with short skirts. Whistle back, but don’t ever, put your head down.

I know I live in a “machista” country, where macho behavior is cool and sexual harassment is unpunished. But even though some of us are making a change in our household, work place and relationships, Mexico still has a long way to go with equality and eradicating misogyny but at least I can go to sleep knowing that I sticked up for my sidewalks.

Music for your eyes.

An ex-classmate of mine from college decided that he was going to film new and talented artists, in private and personal sessions, all in black and white. I usually post visual content but I think this project can be a visual treat and also a relaxing and easy going experience for your ears. I recommend La Garfield which is my favorite of the bunch but there are a few more artists that are interesting. The project is called “Como en Casa” (Just like home) referring to the relaxed environment of the recordings. Enjoy!

Here are three of the videos:

La Garfield – Sin Miedo

La Garfield Ft. Sabino – When The Sun Goes Down + Alcohol

Como en Casa Facebook.


Guachimontones is an archaeological site in Teuchitlán, Jalisco, México about 45 min. from Guadalajara. It was very interesting for me, because I didn’t know that besides all of our mayan, aztec, and all of the other indian cultures that are in our blood, there is another culture that is part of our ancestry. History is not specific in their rituals, actually, there isn’t even a name for them yet. They were indians that lived in the occidental part of our country (Jalisco, Nayarit, Colima) and had a similar culture as the mayans, but they didn’t build rectangular pyramids as we know it, such as Chichén Itzá, but they built circular ones, representing the sun. This culture lived in more than 3 states and anthropologists said that they might have been powerful and rich, but as it is a “new” culture that they discovered starting with this specific site, we still don’t know very much about them, but still, very interesting.

_DSC0035 _DSC0037 _DSC0061 _DSC0062 _DSC0065

It was a rainy and cloudy day, but if you go in the summer, the pictures you take will be amazing, the grass in every step or layer is green, and the pyramids look great.

IMG_4694 IMG_4695

Vintage Heaven.


I found this website called FAR FAR HILL that will help us all who are obsessed with vintage graphic elements. It has free graphic elements to help you in your personal projects as well as vintage photographs, postcards and typography. Everything comes in 300 dpi PNG and it’s free, unless you want to use it for commercial purposes, you have to email the webmaster and pay like 1 dollar (still, heaven). Enjoy this website, ’cause I have!




Renaissance-Style Insect Drawings by Alex Konahin.

I found this interesting article. It’s amazing how artists can make simple shapes and objects turn into something incredibly eye-popping images. I first got a glimpse of this artist when I saw on Tumblr his heart drawing with this complicated and Baroque forms that gave the heart some kind of profound texture, that I just wanted to grab and squeeze. But less talking and more viewing. Be careful not to drop you eyes; I leave you these AMAZING drawing by artist Alex Konahin.

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all the drawing shown in this post are by artist Alex Konahin.

I found this article in: Bored Panda.

Italy left me restless.

It’s been 2 years since I took one of the most amazing trips of my life. Nothing like a backpack with 3 outfits for 11 days, shitty hostels and friendly people, stomachaches for eating too much pasta, people screaming on the streets, aggressive vespas and beautiful architecture, everything you ever heard about Italy but better, much more pasta, much more history. Me and three friends went to Italy expecting adventure and we got it, from not having any towels to not getting to Positano the day that we were supposed to, but saved by 2 ladies and 1 girl who luckily had four spare tickets to get there, and the next day took the most beautiful bus ride to the Amalfi coast and arrived to this town, mystical and fancy at the same time, kind of a 50’s feeling but with the Hollywood glamour.

This trip will always be in our memories, for the rest of our lives, and our friendship will always be standing on top of a possible return and on memories that combine gelato and the smell of vodka at the hostel’s reception.

I made this booklet describing our trip. All the photographs and writing by be. Enjoy.